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即日起於2012年年底前入住Lomani或Plantation旅客  持VIP Invitation劵(如附件自行列印) 可免費於南迪機場對面的最佳轉機旅館Raffles Gateway Hotels 享受下列貴賓服務

A few hours between transfers and flights at Nadi Airport? Raffles Gateway Hotel, Nadi Airport welcomes you to come and benefit from 
  • the use of our swimming pool, free of charge. Towels provided. Public showers available. 免費使用游泳池,毛巾及淋浴! 
  • Complimentary transfer to/from the Airport.免費送機服務
Not redeemable for cash. Valid for one year from date of issue.

Lomani Plantation 及 Raffles Gateway為同系列飯店

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e: karyn@plantationisland.com 

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